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    Patiently Waiting Thousands of victims are awaiting support. Please donate to help LifeAbove help others.
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Welcome to LifeAbove — Rehabilitating the Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Jesus Christ.

LifeAbove is a 501c3 nonprofit Christian organization committed to providing rehabilitation to God's children that have sustained injuries or disabilities as a result from a natural disaster event. Click here to learn more about LifeAbove and how you can become more involved.

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LifeAbove Mission

LifeAbove purpose is to show Christ love through aviation, medicine and counseling by providing humanitarian aid to areas affected by natural disasters and/or have a lack of rehabilitative resources.

  • Deployment Ready: LifeAbove teams plan on being deployment ready, travel arranged and on scene with an assignment confirmed by our host country to reduce response times for victims.
  • Critical Phase Response: Identify people post-trauma care to start rehabilitation to minimize future functional impairment and disability.
  • Mobilize Phase Support: Develop and initiate rehabilitation programs that focus on mobilizing victims to become self reliant/producing for their family and community.
  • Infrastructure Development: Initiate long term educational/community based rehabilitation programs with communities for persons with disabilities.

Enable Neighbors

LifeAbove's Enable Neighbors is community of individuals dedicated to help the suffering in developing countries battle disabilities. Join us Today to help.

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LifeLine 500

The goal of LifeLine 500 is to have 500 individual monthly supporters donate $25 or more to assist with our operational expenses and allow us to show Christ love.

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